My Crochet Creations

I have been asked to make a lot of items over the past few year. I had some really weird orders and some really beautiful items. I’ve made everything from baby clothes, ladies tops, amigurumi, blankets and much more.

Most of my clients give me a picture of what they want and I then work from the picture. once in a while I’m lucky and I’m given the pattern but that seldom happens. When I am working from a pattern I always say it just the guideline, I never stick to the exact instructions, I always end up adding my own things. I have also been asked to make a few things from a design that they have in their head, and that is quite difficult trying to make something they only have in their head and that they are trying to explain to me, but I’m always up for a challenge!

Since I’m always busy making items for clients I never get a chance to make something for myself these days, I’m sure most of you understand that. When I am on Pintrist, which is to often, I always see these stunning things that I want to make for myself but I never get to them. So I am now saving pins and hoping someone in my crochet class wants to make it someday.

Below is a some of my most favorite items I’ve made over the years and the recent items I’ve made.

Teddy Bear Mat

Mens Rainbow Granny Square Shorts

 Micky Mouse Pillow


Newborn Photography Props

Soccer Ball

Flower Blanket

Flower top

Jamaican Dress Baby Set

Baby Dress set

Baby Blanket  Ladies Shorts

Pokemon Series

Infant shark slipper socks Cardigan

Baby Shoe’s

 Baby Booties and Bib Set Crochet Tulle Dress