About me

Hi There!
I’m Elzaan, I am a teacher, dancer, artist, designer and crafter, and I just LOVE the art of Crocheting!

I am a new blogger, but I’ve been crocheting for years now. I offer crochet classes in East London, South Africa, and I take crochet orders. I have started designing and writing my own crochet patterns and I’ve decided to share all these patterns with you!

Let me start at the very beginning.
My Grandma taught me how to crochet at the age of 7. I still remember sitting on our porch and my Gran was showing me how to make the famous granny square. My grandparents were go on holiday and I didn’t want to wait till they come back if I got stuck. At the age of 7 I was still going to need help! My Gran gave my mom a quick crash course on how to crochet so that she would be able to help me when I’m stuck.
My Gran promised that once I finished my blanket she would call our community newspaper. One year later I finally finished my granny square blanket, and like my Gran promised she called the Community newspaper.

I carried on crocheting and everything I did was mostly self taught. From there on I made things for myself and then got some orders to make a few things for friends and relatives. My Mom homeschooled me, my younger brother and sister from little, all the way through to matric. Being homeschooled gave me the opportunity to be flexible with my time. I was asked by some of the other homeschool Moms to start a crochet class where I teach the moms and their daughters how to crochet. My little business called Crochet Creations started from there.

When my Gran turned 70 years, we decided to make her a crocheted blanket. Everyone in my family (except my brother) contributed to the blanket. My sister did most of the work; even my dad made a heart or two! My Gran is a total heart fanatic! She always sees a heart in something, anything from a rock to a patch of grass. My Grandpa always used to say you have to really use your imagination to be able to see the heart! And like earlier my Gran decided to call the Community newspaper to brag about her two granddaughters and her beautiful heart-blanket.

My mom and I did a BASI pilates course together in 2015 and I still love teaching Pilates. Another thing you should know is; I am a dancer at heart, I love dancing, specifically ballet. I am now doing my Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) ballet teachers and I’ve just finished my first year. With a very busy schedule, I still love crocheting and I wish I had more time to be able to crochet.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how old am I? Believe it or not, I turned 18 in 2017. Like I said being homeschooled gave me the opportunity to start my crochet business, do my Pilates course early, finish matric at the beginning of 2017, and to start studying while I was still writing my final matric exams.

I can’t forget to mention the love of my live of course! Tom, short for Tommy, he is really amazing, I am so lucky to have someone who supports and understand me like he does. He takes most of my pictures, since I am totally useless at taking pictures!

I love what I’m doing, even though it sometimes feels like I never get a moment to Just Breathe.
Crocheting is my therapy! After a long day I just want to grab my crochet hook and wool and just start creating. All my clients in crochet class always say they come to class for their weekly therapy session and it’s much cheaper than going to an actual therapy session! So if you can’t afford a therapy session just grab a ball of wool and a crochet hook and just have some me-time and relax!

I have many beautiful, interesting and creative ideas in store that I want to share with you, so grab your crochet hook and wool and join me on this crocheting journey.

Thank you, Lord, my family, friends and Tom for what I have!