Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Free Crochet-A-Long- Introduction

Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Free Crochet-A-Long- Introduction

I was asked to make a rainbow unicorn out of African Flowers. It was for a lady’s daughter, the child absolutely loved it! The unicorn is nearly as big as her!


























































This Crochet-A-Long will spread over 4 weeks, and I will be posting 2 parts each week.

Part 1- 19 Pentagons





Part 2- 17 Hexagons





Part 3- 1 Triangle, 3 Quadrangle, 2 Heptagons





Part 4- Border and horn





Part 5- Putting together 1





Part 6- Putting together 2





Part 7-  Tail, mane and ears





You will need

200g of white wool

5-10 different rainbow colours, 100g of each

Darning needle

Lots of stuffing

2 large googly eyes


I can’t wait to start this crochet-a-long with you!

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1 thought on “Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Free Crochet-A-Long- Introduction”

  1. Barbara says:

    Great pics can’t wait for next instalment.

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