Easy Crochet Material Pullover Top Free Pattern- Part 1

Easy Crochet Material Pullover Top Free Pattern- Part 1




Materials List

1m by 2m lacy material




Pattern Info

The yellow dots represent where your markers will go.

All measurements are in centimeters.


You will work all your measurements off of this diagram.

The measurements are in order of size: S- M- L- XL- XXL- XXXL

Material Part

Place the material down folded double, so that the fold is at the top.

You will place 4 markers on the material, in the shape of a rectangle, with the correct measurements.

Cut on the lines shown below by, connecting the markers.

You should now have your rectangle.

Place markers on the side where it’s folded double.

Place the markers where your neck hole will be.

Place a marker in the middle of the neck hole, and a marker to show how far down you would like your neck hole to be.

Fold your piece in half.

Cut your neck hole out on the line shown below.

You should have this shape.

Open your piece.

You will now place marker where you will sew.

Place a marker where your sleeve will start, place a marker at the bottom where the red line starts, the numbers in red is how far in your marker should be, and place a marker opposite the bottom marker and in line with the marker at the side.

Connect the markers and sew on the yellow line shown below.

Since the material isn’t solid it will be hit and miss, but try get as much material to work on as you can.

In the bottom corners, just cut the corner from the two dots so it’s rounded, making sure you don’t cut away the piece at the bottom you just sewed.






And the sewing part is done! Nice and easy!

The part 2 will follow soon!


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