Spread The Joy of Christmas

At church on Sunday they had Christmas cards that you can take home and write a short message in to encourage someone with. So when you’re at the shops or putting in petrol you can just give the card you’ve already written in, too someone to encourage them.

So I decided I’ll do something similar. I made a Christmas Heart Ornament that you take and stick onto a card saying Merry Christmas! Jesus Love’s You! or You’re Special! for example. It’s sweet and simple and most of the time it’s just what that person need’s.

So make a few hearts, you can find the pattern here, and you can either make your own card or you can print one of the ones I’ve made below. Stick your heart onto the card and place some in your handbag and car and when you’re at the shop paying for your items just give the cashier one of the cards, saying Merry Christmas. It’s as easy as that!


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