Easy Christmas Star Ornament

Easy Christmas Star Ornament

A 9 year old girl in my crochet class wanted to make something to hang on their Christmas Tree. So I decided to design her a quick and easy star to make. She made it at 9 years old and she’s still a beginner so I’m sure you will be able to make it. Enjoy!



Crochet abbreviations

UK terminology

Ch- Chain

Dc- Double crochet

Tr- Treble

St- Stitch(s)

Materials List

3.5mm Crochet hook

25grams of wool or cotton.

Darning needle



Crochet Info

When a row starts with 1ch, it does not count as 1dc.

When a row starts with 2ch, it does not count as 1tr.



Foundation row- 5ch, ss into the first ch made.

Round 1- 2ch, “3tr into the middle of the circle (where the marker is), 2ch” repeat 5 times in total, ss into the first tr made at the beginning of the round. You should have 5 sets of  3 tr, and 5 ch spaces.

Round 2- ss over into the next tr, 1ch, 1dc into the same tr you ss into.

“(3tr, 1ch, 3tr) all into the next ch space, 1 dc into the middle tr, so you’re skipping the first tr and making a dc into the 2nd tr (that first tr that you are skipping is normally hidden away.)” repeat 4 times in total, you should have 4 points, 3tr into the next ch space, 20ch,

Dc in the side of the last tr made.

3tr back into the same ch space, ss into the first dc made at the beginning of the round.

End off and work away any threads.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below or send me an email, and I will be more than happy to help.

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