Christmas Bunting Crochet A-Long Banner

I am so excited to start this Crochet-A-Long! This Christmas Bunting Banner just makes any home feel like it’s Christmas! I’m sure most of  you can’t believe it’s that time of year again, this past year has just flown by! Make sure you have all your supplies to start making the first triangle on the 15/11/2017. I will be posting a pattern for one triangle each day, and some triangles you will need to make 2 or 3 off, but making one triangle each day and 2 or 3 now and then is very manageable. So make sure you have a bit of time set out every day to make your triangle and at the end of this Crochet-A-Long your banner will be ready to be hung up when you start putting up your Christmas decorations on the 1st of December.

Click Here to get all the details on how the Crochet-A-Long works and all the information you will need for each pattern.


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